Training and Modification of Multi-Rotor Drones.


One on One Training


We are proud to offer training and modification of multi-rotor drones.
We understand that flying a radio controlled device is an economic risk; we’ve all seen the videos on YouTube and elsewhere online of novice flyers crashing their newly purchased devices on their very first flights. Fortunately, you can reduce these risks by taking advantage of our training and modification services.

We have over ten years of experiences flying, maintaining and building our radio controlled fleet.

Depending on the job size, we fly one of our quadcopters, or larger hexacopter. One of our main pilots even has his rotor craft rating and is licensed to fly full-size helicopters. We have successfully trained multiple drone pilots over the years. We train everyone, from complete beginners who are simply looking to learn how to create keepsake moments of their vacation to full service production companies that want to acquire a full-time drone operator. We take pride in teaching pilots proper safety techniques, FAA regulations, ordered preflight check lists to prevent the dreaded fly away, how to maintain and repair their drones, and proper course flight controls.

FPV Installation


Although we work on any drone flyer with propellers and a remote, we most often encounter questions regarding DJI Phantom 2 series drones. The DJI Phantom drone has an attractive low starting price and comes with the flexibility of attaching a GoPro. Similar to larger aerial platforms, such as the hexacopters we have built, the Phantom series has the capability to attach aftermarket First Person View (FPV) monitors. The FPV monitor enables the drone operator to more eloquently frame shots or even fly beyond the maximum visual range of the operator. The monitor is connected to a transmitter which is installed on the Phantom, giving the operator a live perspective of the camera’s viewpoint.

Unfortunately, most buyers do not realize that the Phantom 1 and 2 series do not come with FPV already installed. The install requires soldering low voltage cables for both video and power. The open market is quite convoluted with limitless brands and products, many of which do not communicate through the same frequencies. We help you obtain the best products, all of which have been thoroughly quality tested by our pilots, without paying a premium price.

Long Range Antennas


The DJI Phantom Vision and Vision Plus series is an all-in-one solution with FPV already installed that streams to a mobile device. However, the major downside to this option is the limited FPV and control range with the stock components. While a normal Vision drone might experience a loss of signal around 1,000 to 2,000 feet, our modifications will allow a safe controlled flight up to 10,000 feet away without fear of a fly away or loss of signal.

Custom Parts


With our in house 3D printers, we have the capability to truly customize your drone. We can design custom monitor mounts for the FPV, antenna holders, extended landing gear, propeller guards and more.

Contact us


Contact us today for information on booking a one-on-one flight training session or to build your custom drone!

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