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Philadelphia Real Estate Drone Photography and Video

News, Products • 16th July, 15

Philadelphia Real Estate Aerial Photography

As we cruise past the midsummer peak, we’d like to take this time to reflect on the changing trends of aerial drone photography in real estate throughout Philadelphia and the rest of Pennsylvania. [...]


The 5 Best Places to Drone in Pennsylvania this Spring

News, Products • 16th Apr, 15

Best place to take drone photos in Pennsylvania

With spring and color finally returning to Pennsylvania, we’ve decided to put together our list of the top five best places to drone in our state for the coming season. Although certain FAA restrictions prevent us from flying in Pennsylvania National Parks and sites such as the battlefields of Gettysburg and Valley Forge, they do not bar us from the majority of the beauty throughout the state. Our list comes in no particular order. [...]


Springtime is finally here in Pennsylvania!

News, Products • 25th March, 15

Pennsylvania, PennByAir, discount Drone Photography Promotion!

As the snow melts and the temperatures begin to resemble something we might call normal, color begins to restore the bleakness from nature. For those of us in Pennsylvania, whether it be in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh, or even York or Harrisburg, it’s the perfect time for aerial photography. To get the season started right, we will be offering all of our clients $25 off all of our aerial drone photography or videography packages. Simply mention in the e-mail or on the phone the words SPRING15 and the discount will be active. This promotion will be active from March 26th all the way up until May 1st. [...]


Indoor Drone Photography in Pennsylvania

News, Products • 8th Jan, 15

PennByAir Drone Aerial Company Real Estate Services York Philadelphia PA

With the newest additions to our Pennsylvania drone fleet, we now have the ability to safely perform indoor aerial drone flights for both photos and video. Our drones have the ability to shoot sonic waves to the ground, which in addition of a downward facing camera help to map out the area below for safe flying indoors. This has previously been impossible to achieve safety as previous drone models rely on satellite signals to navigate with and they do not function well indoors. [...]


Pennsylvania Drone Photography Introduction

News, Products • 30th Dec, 14

PennByAir Drone Aerial Company Real Estate Services York Philadelphia PA

PennByAir, a part of HawaiiByAir of Hawaii and SkyeCamProductions of Baltimore, is pleased to announce our expansion to the state of Pennsylvania at the start of 2015. With the addition of a dedicated Philadelphia drone pilot, we are now ready to provide the high quality drone photography and videography services our brand is famous for. Our pilots are highly experienced and come with years of experience from working at our sister companies. We have just begun our Pennsylvania drone portfolio and there will surely be more to come in the days ahead. [...]


Benefits of Aerial Photography for Real Estate in Pennsylvania

News, Products • 25th Sep, 14

PennByAir Drone Aerial Company Real Estate Philadelphia Pennsylvania

As the modern home-buyer has evolved into a digital shopper, with statistics from ‘Digital House Hunt’ indicating that 90% of home buyers have searched online during the home buying process and 28% have used their mobile phones, it is very clear that high quality photography is an essential component to selling real estate.

Unfortunately regular ground photography is incapable of showcasing luxury property to its highest potential. For years real estate agents have patched this issue by resorting to aerial photography services reliant upon helicopter and small aircraft. Not only is this option very impractical economically but additionally the photographs and video taken are limited by poor stabilization, elevation and space inflexibility (these types of aircraft are incapable of flying at low altitudes and over certain terrain) and time. [...]


Aerial Cinematography: Our Experience in Drone TV Production

News, Products • 11th Sep, 14

Aerial Cinematography Drone TV Production

Slowly and steadily drones are transcending helicopters, dollies, and other traditional models of simulated flight in the world of aerial cinematography. The economic feasibility, camera angle flexibility and rapid setup time of drones prove them to be the real winner in TV and film production.

We recently had the honor of filming with Discovery Communications’ “American Hero’s Channel” (previously titled the Military Channel). The journey began in rural Gettysburg, Pennsylvania set in a backdrop of heavy forest in order to mimic the dense jungle environment present in Vietnam during the war. The plot of the shoot revolved around an American helicopter hero pilot who provided crucial medical aid and advanced recon that aided in the rescue of a group of American soldiers caught in the thick of battle. [...]


The Positive Future of Drones and Aerial Photography

News, Products • 14th Aug, 14

Drone Aerial Photographer Future PennByAir Philadelphia PA Penn Pennsylvania

As the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) works to meet its September 2015 deadline to decide on the future of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also known as multi-copters or “drones,” it is time to gaze into the future of a near certain multi-billion dollar industry.
Although drones often have the negative connotation as military killers, their most important application is on the home front as versatile tools, providing not only affordable alternatives in the world of aerial photography but also  offering applications in a number of previously untouched fields. Let’s take a look at how drones could shape the world in a positive way [...]


Film your Wedding by Drone

News, Products • 7th Aug, 14

Film your Wedding by Drone

Weddings are a once in a lifetime event. Instead of taking photographs by hiring a camera man to walk around awkwardly bumping into guests, brides and grooms can now give their guests room to breathe by taking photographs with a faraway flying device. Wedding drone videography uses these flying cameras, or “drones,” to capture video and still photography in high resolution and to obtain camera angles and elevation that are impossible to achieve from the ground. Gone are the days of one dimensional wedding production and in are the days of infinite aerial possibilities [...]


Use Aerial Photos to Create a 3D Model of Your Home

News, Products • 5th Aug, 14

PennByAir 3D Print House

Here at PennByAir, we stay cutting edge by flying the newest drone technology available. We have made it easy and affordable for homeowners and real estate agents alike to have beautiful aerial photos of their properties. Photographing properties from angles that are physically impossible to achieve with ground-based photography, capturing entire landscapes in one aerial photograph, and even surveying the roofs of houses are some examples of why people hire us instead of ground-based photographers. What’s more, our aerial photography services are more efficient and significantly less expensive than helicopter-based aerial photographers, and we can vary our altitude as low as four feet to as high as 1000+ feet. Most of the time, when taking aerial photos of a house, we only need to fly at 100 to 200 feet, an altitude where helicopters can’t even fly safely.

Today, we are proud to announce a new technology along with our standard aerial photographic services. We now offer 3D printed representations of the aerial photographs our drone captures [...]





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