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The 5 Best Places to Drone in Pennsylvania this Spring

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With spring and color finally returning to Pennsylvania, we’ve decided to put together our list of the top five best places to drone in our state for the coming season. Although certain FAA restrictions prevent us from flying in Pennsylvania National Parks and sites such as the battlefields of Gettysburg and Valley Forge, they do not bar us from the majority of the beauty throughout the state. Our list comes in no particular order.

#5. Pine Creek Gorge

Located in northern Pennsylvania is the 47-mile-long Pine Creek Gorge, also known as the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. A product of the ice age, the canyon begins just south of Ansonia along U.S route 6 and continues south. The gorge fills up nearly 160,000 acres of the Tioga State Forest. What we enjoy most about this site is the never ending abundance of nature with little to no signs of human interference. This allows our drones to fly high above the trees and still remain in line of sight for a fantastic aerial flight experience. We will be sure to visit this part of the state as soon as we can even if it requires a long drive from Philadelphia. Just make sure to charge up your batteries and don’t forget your drone or its accessories!

Pine Creek Gorge Pennsylvania aerial drone photograph

#4. New Hope, Pennsylvania

A short scenic drive from Philadelphia will have you in this quaint country town of just 2,528 residents in under an hour. Be sure to stop along the way and take your time experiencing some of the antiquated bridges, endless farmland, unique restaurants, and even ride the working locomotive. If you’re like us, you won’t forget to snap a few aerial shots here with your drone. When you arrive in New Hope, stop along the banks of the New Hope–Lambertville Bridge and snap some photographs this charming bridge, constructed in 1914, as well as a few of the Delaware River. If you still have time, head over to the beautiful man-made Aquetong Creek Dam Waterfall right next to Bucks County Playhouse. This is one of our favorite spots year round and we will be sure to drone it this season.

New Hope Pennsylvania aerial drone photograph

#3. Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Finding number three on our list is Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Aside from consuming copious amounts of Dutch apple pie, touring Amish country and the markets or catching a springtime balloon ride, we love to stop in this part of the state to partake in aerial photography. The first stop on our tour begins at the Holtwood Dam located on the lower part of the Susquehanna River. Although many points along the river provide us with wide-open views that are perfect for unobstructed drone flights, we chose this particular location mainly because of its history, being the oldest dam in the area, and the wild white water. A short car ride north will bring you right to Chickies Rock County Park. Here you can catch a great photograph of the impressive few-hundred-foot quartzite rock the park is famous for, along with some spectacular views of the Susquehanna, farmland and remnants of old mills that used to be functional. If you still have charged batteries left for your drone, head over to Central Park where you can find a nice spot near the Conestoga River to capture a few more drone pictures before heading into town.

Lancaster, York, Pennsylvania aerial drone photograph

#2. Boathouse, Row

On the east bank of the Schuylkill River, just a short jaunt north of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, sits Boathouse Row. It consists of fifteen boathouses that host various social and rowing clubs each with their own historical significance. Most tourists flock to this spot during the Christmas season as each house is immaculately strewn with colorful lights creating very festive scenery. We enjoy coming here in the spring not only because we prefer to avoid frost bite from holding our drone controllers without gloves for too long, but also because there is more natural beauty to be seen without the crowds. Fly out over the water and face inwards to catch aerial angles rarely captured or scene by most people. You may even catch a regatta or local university practice which only adds to the greatness of the drone pictures. The greatest part about venturing here is that it’s centrally located in Philadelphia so you shouldn’t have too long of a drive back home.

Boathouse Row, Philadelhpia, Pennsylvania aerial drone photograph
#1. Longwood Gardens

The final destination on our list is the famous Longwood Gardens just west of Philadelphia. Known as one of the premier botanical gardens in Pennsylvania and throughout the United States, Longwood Gardens boasts over 20 outdoor and 20 indoor gardens throughout its four and a half acre property and over 11,000 species of vibrant flowers, plants and trees in addition to its fountains. It is impossible to capture all of this springtime beauty from the ground, giving us aerial photographers the chance to create unique perspectives with our drones. We would recommend flying a variety of altitudes all the way up to 400 feet in the search for the perfect keepsake photograph.

Longwood Gardens Pennsylvania aerial drone photograph

What better way to celebrate spring than going out into nature and droning? Share your most desirable aerial photography locations in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia for this season!


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